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I usually don’t blog about food as much as I should or could. I’m not a foodie nor claim to be one (cause everyone else in Dubai seems to be one nowadays); I’m just someone who is quite picky about what goes in his mouth; a little too picky as some people close to me would know. Basically if it smells or looks bad, I don’t care if it’s the most delicious thing in the world, I won’t eat it. On the contrary, if something looks too good, I’m usually not too keen on eating it either. Also if it has a name I do not understand, I skip it (even though it’s my lack of understanding of different cuisines at fault). My only claim to fame (or annoyance for the people around) is my different or weird taste buds that usually disagree with everyone else around. To put it all together, I’m not very adventurous when it comes to food; I prefer sticking with food I like instead of having something that I possibly might not like.

It all comes down to the fact that I’m quite hard to please; being the pessimist I am. This with my certain pungent to be a little too honest (read: harsh) about everything and anything that exists makes a bad combination for the people who try to cook for me. I am usually hardest on the people closest to me; one reason my mom calls me her biggest critic as I’m able to pickle out the smallest of mistakes or changes she might have made in the recipe.

My past inability to have spicy food has always been an obstacle for me to enjoy certain kind of dishes but with some practice, this is being triumphed over. I’ve also become a bit of a risk taker in the sense that lately I’ve been eating out a lot due to certain circumstances (read: SJ). With her assured urge to keep trying out unusual restaurants, I’ve eaten food at places I’ve never heard of. I’ve eaten some of the most delicious sandwiches to some very bad pasta courtesy her brilliant decision skills and my (sometimes bitter) stand to avoid wasting any food. My taste buds are certainly enjoying this rollercoaster ride even though my stomach seems to hate the front row seat.

A change in my food habits and possibly becoming a part of the foodie clan (*shudders*) are certain possibilities in the recipe. Time to mix and match the spices….


  1. Think it's time you jumped on the bandwagon. Food is one of the best things in life, and cooking is an incredibly unselfish way to express yourself artistically. I still remember when I ate at Jacques Reymond in Melbourne, and I was forced by my dinner partner to eat a raspberry wrapped in anchovy and stuffed with wasabi. It was amazing, and changed my whole perception of food and what it could be. To clarify, it was not the kind of anchovy you find in a tin, but this pickled salty and sour kind of thing with not much fishiness, and the way the sweet, sour, salty and spicy went together.... Man. That is art.

  1. Stained says:

    I love food, no doubt about that. As I mentioned above, I'm just very picky and therefore don't go around claiming to be a foodie. Oh and I cook, been doing that for a very long time. Something I thoroughly enjoy though my skills are quite basic to say the least.

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