Destroyed faces....

Posted: Thursday, February 02, 2012 by Stained in Labels:

I think enough time has passed for me to blog about this.

Two weeks back on my way to cricket at 6am, I spotted a dead cat on the road. I didn’t realise its face was smashed on one side till I picked it up. That’s one sight you don’t want to see up close. I placed it in the sand nearby and walked away as fast as I could. Alas that didn’t really help as the image of the destroyed face is embedded in my head and will linger there for a while. I drive past the spot every day....

I haven’t bought a shovel yet because I realised I’d end up in trouble if I were to be seen digging a hole in the ground. This is not going to end well. I almost stopped on Sheikh Zayed road a few days back when I spotted a kitten lying dead near the centre divider. I was at 120kph.... (-_-)

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