Posted: Sunday, June 24, 2007 by Stained in

I turned 21 recently. Many of my friends do hope to or will celebrate their 21st birthday by partying the night away. Not me, I had a quiet celebration with my family, stayed at home, played with my niece, had dinner with the whole family [apart from my brother]. Simple & nice.

I did go out with friends the very next day hanging out for about 14 hours with them, got a wonderful birthday gift from my petite Amie but no partying for me, 21 or not, doesn't matter. Its just a number for me and not a gateway to freedom as everyone seems to think it is.

Another number that has lately been popping into my head is the no 69. The information related to it has changed over the years. The following time line shows you how....

Age 4-12 - it was just a number like any other number
Age 12-14 - used to travel to school in bus no: 69
Age 15-17 - there was some joke regarding the no 69 that I never understood, who cared anyways, its just a number for me.
Age 18 - Understood the joke & went 'Ewwwwww'
Age 19-20 - Wondered who did it.....
Age 21 - The above question got answered ;)

[note: ';)' does not mean I've done it, I just know who does it :D]

Anyway another song I've been liking lately is 'Are you with me?' by Vaux.....

click here for lyrics.....

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Sleep & Eve 6

Posted: Monday, June 18, 2007 by Stained in

Usually after taking a call while being half asleep, I tend to go back to sleeping but today it was different.

Sometimes when someone says something [three some :S], it strikes a string of thought. A thought that may span for just a few seconds. So today that thought was a dream/wish I had hoped for about seven months back but every time I get close to fulfilling it some interference pops up & delays its fulfillment. So today I saw for just a second a chance that kicked in a lot of hope, the dream flashed by in front of me & I had a smile on my face but the very next second something else was said & it came all crashing down. The dream will have to wait for yet another day & today, well I was upset. Anyway I woke up while being very sleepy a moment back. The best part is I kept pretending to be sleepy while the phone conversation continued. After hanging up instead of wrapping myself up with a blanket & going back to dream land, I got out of bed & got back to reality [which usually sucks compared].

Anyway today, I kinda discovered this new song called 'Think Twice' by Eve 6. Here's the video of the song, a little on the angry side of alternative rock I assume for some but I'm been shifting into that genre lately.

Was going through the lyrics when a part of it caught my eye that goes like...

When I,
Showed up,
And he,
Was there,
I tried,
My best,
To grin,
And bear,
And took,
The stairs,
But didn't stop at the street.
And as we speak,
I'm going down.
[click here for full lyrics]

This kinda striked another string of thought that haunts me day after day, can' let got, can't get out as the song goes.

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I'll be broken

Posted: Monday, June 11, 2007 by Stained in Labels:


He limps away into the mist
Leaving behind a path of destruction
Can you smell the stench of death?

These burning branches lay in evidence
The sun hides behind this shadow
Darkness shrouds a disaster...

Ever wondered where this all would lead to,
Why we even bother with such trickery
Life is life, live it, kill it, do whatever with it...

Mood swings seem to be in fashion
Wear it well with pride & passion
And stuff it in a corner during some sexual action

Rhyming words make a poem
And Love & hate make a human
What am I doing here does anyone know?

Lies shroud an imminent disaster...
He lives behind a curtain of deception
She's sinking in a bottomless pit..

I wonder where this all would lead to,
Why do I bother with such emotions
But Love is life and in the end I'll be broken...

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Close down

Posted: Sunday, June 10, 2007 by Stained in

I don't know why but lately I've wanted to close this blog up.
Just feel like it. Weird but yeah.....
Its like I'm not bothered to take time out for it like before. Just losing interest in it even though I like blogging [or used to]. So this basically might end up in my list of [many]things I've stopped bothering about. Damn! I'm changing......

So let see, as time passes if I close this up or not.....

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