I'll be broken

Posted: Monday, June 11, 2007 by Stained in Labels:


He limps away into the mist
Leaving behind a path of destruction
Can you smell the stench of death?

These burning branches lay in evidence
The sun hides behind this shadow
Darkness shrouds a disaster...

Ever wondered where this all would lead to,
Why we even bother with such trickery
Life is life, live it, kill it, do whatever with it...

Mood swings seem to be in fashion
Wear it well with pride & passion
And stuff it in a corner during some sexual action

Rhyming words make a poem
And Love & hate make a human
What am I doing here does anyone know?

Lies shroud an imminent disaster...
He lives behind a curtain of deception
She's sinking in a bottomless pit..

I wonder where this all would lead to,
Why do I bother with such emotions
But Love is life and in the end I'll be broken...


  1. D says:

    Surprise surprise, it's depressing.

    And I hate this line... makes no sense and it just reeks of pessimism to the extreme:
    "Life is life, live it, kill it, do whatever with it..."

  1. Stained says:

    why does it not make sense...
    life, you can do what ever with it...try to end it or try to live it..

    & yes depressing poems is my style....

  1. hmm.. i read ur previous comment.. there was a time when i myself wanted to take a hiatus from writing..the blog everythin...it all seemed a waste of time...the torn heart...the love sick writings..then i realised i was writing for myself..dats wa i do best... ditto for u... ur writings r passionate n carry a lot of pain.. i luv ur poems... secondly, this poem, though a lil less depressin than the others shows dat u hav matured as a writer... can c a lot of maturity in it... keep writing..dont stop for nuthing or no1..cheers.

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