The fog today

Posted: Sunday, February 25, 2007 by Stained in

Hmm....the fog today was amazing especially over the creek. Took a lot of pictures & a video. Here are few of the pictures, will post the video later.....

......near my house
......the creek road on the deira side
......the abra's abra[1] abra[2]
...view from the abra[1]..... abra[3]
......view from the abra[2]
......view from the abra[2]
......view from the abra[3]

......view from the abra[4]
......from the burdubai side
......the fog less burdubai side

......the new building opp. Trade centre
......sun reflection on fairmount
......Sheikh zayed[1]......

......Sheikh zayed[2]

I really like the fairmount picture cause the sun reflection looked fabulous in real.. Also like the abra reflection pictures. So that....

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Almost killed a person.....

Posted: Saturday, February 24, 2007 by Stained in

Yesterday was this years [Academic year] last college party that was tentatively named 'ECSTACY'. I convinced a few friends to come for the party but at the last moment my own chances of going were looking bleak. Basically had to face a lot of family trouble as usual as I've always been the useless one at home. So anyways after a lot of lecturing from everyone I managed to get permission to go but had to be back by 1:30 am & also got the car keys to my brother's car [a Prado].

By the time I got it all, a headache had already kicked in. To add to it I knew no one at home was really happy to let me go for the party. So the headache plus the tension took most of my concentration. Not a good thing when you're on the road driving. Luckily lately I have learned to control my speed so I was not a hazard to anyone else or to myself. But then a man decides to cross the road right in front of my car [I'm at the speed of 70kmph], stops in the middle of two tracks [it was a three track road] hoping I would veer off. I did move off to the right track but so did he, basically he thought I would move to the left track so he moved right. I hit the brakes & the guy managed to jump out of the way. If he had not, I would have hit him at a speed of 40kmph or so.

I stopped the car a few meters ahead, got off & ran to the guy to make sure if he was okay. A motorist who was passing by screamed at me that it was not my mistake. The guy was fine, I said sorry, so did he. I stood there for a few more seconds asking him if he was fine again & again. I had started to shiver. After making sure he was fine, I started walking away but at that very moment a policeman who was near the interchange came & asked me to stay. He first asked me for my license & then for the car registration. I was shivering like mad, the policeman had started conversing with the guy in Arabic. Right now I wished I knew Arabic. The policeman noted down the respective numbers from the two cards & kept telling me to relax as nothing had happened cause he could see me shivering. He let me go, I made a last check on the guy asking if he was fine.

I drove off. The next few minutes were horrible. It was one of those times when all bad things pop into your head; 'If I had hit the guy, my life would have ended', 'Everything that was there would have been lost'..etc... I reached the party, relaxed a little bit by having my TD by my side for some time. I partied away the night but the dread was slowly growing. So by the end of the party I started planning how to punish myself for being such a useless driver & person.

I am a self punishing person, walking so much till every part of my body hurts is one such way [yes, its was never for me to stay thin]. Anyway I got back home at 1:40am, tired from all the dancing, with the annoying headache making a comeback & being very sleepy. All added together, I should have slept like a baby but I did not sleep, not for a minute. I lay in bed till 11:30 am in the morning thoughtless & empty just staring at the ceiling.....

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Lost he is....

Posted: Thursday, February 22, 2007 by Stained in Labels:


Everything that was there was given to her
He has nothing left more to show her his love
He knows he's second best. He'll never be the one
But still he loves her for no selfish reason at all
Lost he is, deep within...

She tells him not to hope, tells him it's not going to work
She's saying the truth, he knows it well
He knows there is nothing here for him
Here & there he looks around
Lost he is, where to go now...

The ringing silence broken by a dream
Empty eyes filled with tears
He chooses not to move ahead
Stuck in those memories he lived with her
Lost he is, in her arms...

One day he will love once again
Deep within he knows he will
He'll learn to forget the pain he feels
But those days seem so far away
Lost he is, right now he is...


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Walk from KV to Abra Station in Burdubai

Posted: Monday, February 19, 2007 by Stained in

Work got over more than a week back & I've had enough time to rejuvenate my will power to do some studies now. I'm lagging behind in three of the four subjects I've taken up this year. So I should be busy studying & not bunk classes....

Well....I ended not only bunking my 'Banking & Finance' class but also walking all the way from Knowledge village to the Abra station in Bur Dubai. I was in a very sucked up mood & so I walked. The whole trip took me about four hours [from 1:50 to 5:40 pm]. I must be crazy to walk so much but well I felt like getting away from everyone & everything that was/is a part of my life.

I took about fifty pictures in all but obviously won't post them all here, so these are the few good ones...

.....The camera on the way to Madinat Jumierah from KV.

......Burj al Arab.

......Petrol-pump I stopped at to quench my thirst.

......KFC-Hardees on Jumeirah road.

......Pizza Hut

......The long way ahead

......Villa entrance with hanging roses

......A white F430 zooming past

......Beach near Jumeirah beach park

......Jumeirah beach park

......Empty road

......Burj Dubai


......A mosque


......Dubai Zoo

......The Falcon art

......The Jumeirah Mosque

......The UAE flag

......Wasl road

......The road expansion victim

......The port Building & sunset

......Bur Dubai

......The Abra souq

......The Abra station

All in all it was a wonderful walk though my legs do hurt a little but it was amazing. Being able to walk soo much was a great revelation for me. So that....

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If life was so simple

Posted: Wednesday, February 14, 2007 by Stained in Labels:

If life was so simple
14 feb

Change the world today
Gone back on my own word
Moving these things around
Abandoned footprints behind
A concoction of thought
Merely confused
Nothing new within
Just echoing thunder
After the burning light
Under the Shimmering stars
The blazing fire
Its just the sun
Now here not there
Maybe busted
Dreams or nightmares
Must be the later...

Join the clan
Make it to the end
Missed opportunities
Incomplete humour
Stored underneath
Muscled passions
Jokes apart
Live today
Die tomorrow
If life was so simple
I'd be dead by now
Or just waiting for tomorrow
Get it
Misplaced it
Know the future
Forget the past
If only it was that simple
But tomorrow I shall die
Or is my theory all wrong..

Its maybe a enigma
Behind the clouds
Like a untold secret
What am I saying
I'm here today
And will be tomorrow
I think I will be
I hope so
Or do I
An interesting hour
Maybe its just a second
This feels so wrong
All of it
Moments to remember
Memories to forget
Both at the same time
Only if life was so simple
I'd choose to live then.....


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Tagged by Dana....

Posted: Tuesday, February 13, 2007 by Stained in Labels:

I was supposed to Google "[my name] needs" and post the results that you find amusing.
So I googled "stained needs" & these were a few amusing or weird ones that I found

- Stained needs to be polished only enough to remove any grooves made by the saw blade.

- Stained needs mounting dowel.

- Stained needs to be replaced with vinyl floor covering.

- Stained needs a good cleaning doesn't appear to have been sharpened.

- Stained needs to be removed immediately

- And nowise might the brisk one that son was of Wonred
Unto the old carle give back the hand-slaying,
For that he on Wulf’s head the helm erst had sheared,
So that all with the blood stained needs must he bow,
And fell on the field; but not yet was he fey,
But he warp’d himself up, though the wound had touch’d nigh.
But thereon the hard Hygelac’s thane there,
Whenas down lay his brother, let the broad blade,
The old sword of eotens, that helm giant-fashion’d
Break over the board-wall, and down the king bowed,
The herd of the folk unto fair life was smitten.

- Stained-needs a shave-real man any day of the week.

- Stained needs to go away.

I could go on..but I think this is amusing enough...

Thanks for tagging me dana....

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Posted: Sunday, February 11, 2007 by Stained in

The display on my mobile says [basically a note with the 'show on standby' option selected]....

"Lets see how many days I'll last before it ends me.... :-D"

I know its grammatically incorrect but its how I wanted it. Plus I don't know why I'm posting it her either.....

Damn!! Behind blue eyes is a beautiful song......

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Tagged again....[by Arablady]

Posted: Monday, February 05, 2007 by Stained in

Got tagged by Arablady
So here's my attempt to answer the questions....

What will happen to your e-mail when you die?
hmm...Maybe I'll name my grandson[whenever I have one] after my name so he can use my email address when I get too old for the would become like a family thing...passing on the email would be a tradition.....& obviously so will naming a kid after my name... :D

Did you try once to give the password to someone? If yes, what kind of relation that you have with this person to trust him/her and give him/her the key of your secrets?
Nope...I tend to trust too easily...

Your famous nickname among your Friends?
Mougli is the most famous but got many others...Its like different nicknames come & go...

Your age?
hmm...20...ahh!!! I feel old already

Your horoscope?

Your qualifications?
None...I still dunno what I've learned through education....

Your character "personality"?
hahaha....I'll let 'D' answer this question for me....

What travel means to you?
Getting out of my comfort zone...i.e Dubai

What do you purchase?
Anything that satisfies me......

Features taken from your dad :
Eating & driving habits, Interests in sports....

Features taken from your mom :
Temper, Insecurity, Perfectionism, The need to take care of someone.....

The most 6 things you hate-
People who are scared to fight the system, People who can't listen to or speak the truth, People with no dressing sense [as in can never carry the clothes in an appropriate & decent manner], Screwing up, My temper, Caring too much......I could go on but well life is always full of things we wish never existed..... :(

The most 6 things you love-
To take care of people, My family [even though I do say that I hate them a few times :S], My TD, Silence, Dubai [Yes I do...out of the 247 months I've lived, 245 have been spend in Dubai & it is my comfort zone...], falling in love....& again I could go on.... :)

What computer and Internet mean to you.
The window to good & evil...

You would like to pass this tag to:-
To any blogger who will see this post... :D


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Posted: Saturday, February 03, 2007 by Stained in

Random things that happened or happening in my life since my last post......

  • Moms back from the hospital & is making a quick recovery. No permanent damage done except for the mental stress that the whole situation created making her fear things.

  • As DSF has ended so has my work. So now I can relax & wait for my salary after which I will go for a spending spree... :D

  • Studies have been suffering lately, not been concentrating much.

  • I think I might patch up with a friend who used to be my best friend. I wonder how that will work out.

  • Lost the trust of my TD again...I keep screwing up.

  • Not sure if my friends trust my words either. Been doing things that they don't want me to.

  • My dads behind my life coz he want me to have a haircut.

  • My sister thinks something is up in my life that I'm hiding from her

  • Yesterday was a wonderful day for me [& the weather was surely not the main reason]

  • Got miserable marks in my mid terms FR paper

  • Walked from KV to the Marina & back

  • I've realised that I've become quite possessive & jealous when it comes to my TD

  • I've been not feeling that great physically, especially my legs. Too much of walking for me it seems

I hope I haven't missed anything. A poem is on its way..but don't know when I will be able to get it on that's that

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