If life was so simple

Posted: Wednesday, February 14, 2007 by Stained in Labels:

If life was so simple
14 feb

Change the world today
Gone back on my own word
Moving these things around
Abandoned footprints behind
A concoction of thought
Merely confused
Nothing new within
Just echoing thunder
After the burning light
Under the Shimmering stars
The blazing fire
Its just the sun
Now here not there
Maybe busted
Dreams or nightmares
Must be the later...

Join the clan
Make it to the end
Missed opportunities
Incomplete humour
Stored underneath
Muscled passions
Jokes apart
Live today
Die tomorrow
If life was so simple
I'd be dead by now
Or just waiting for tomorrow
Get it
Misplaced it
Know the future
Forget the past
If only it was that simple
But tomorrow I shall die
Or is my theory all wrong..

Its maybe a enigma
Behind the clouds
Like a untold secret
What am I saying
I'm here today
And will be tomorrow
I think I will be
I hope so
Or do I
An interesting hour
Maybe its just a second
This feels so wrong
All of it
Moments to remember
Memories to forget
Both at the same time
Only if life was so simple
I'd choose to live then.....



  1. D says:

    Wot da blooody hell was that??

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