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Posted: Tuesday, February 13, 2007 by Stained in Labels:

I was supposed to Google "[my name] needs" and post the results that you find amusing.
So I googled "stained needs" & these were a few amusing or weird ones that I found

- Stained needs to be polished only enough to remove any grooves made by the saw blade.

- Stained needs mounting dowel.

- Stained needs to be replaced with vinyl floor covering.

- Stained needs a good cleaning doesn't appear to have been sharpened.

- Stained needs to be removed immediately

- And nowise might the brisk one that son was of Wonred
Unto the old carle give back the hand-slaying,
For that he on Wulf’s head the helm erst had sheared,
So that all with the blood stained needs must he bow,
And fell on the field; but not yet was he fey,
But he warp’d himself up, though the wound had touch’d nigh.
But thereon the hard Hygelac’s thane there,
Whenas down lay his brother, let the broad blade,
The old sword of eotens, that helm giant-fashion’d
Break over the board-wall, and down the king bowed,
The herd of the folk unto fair life was smitten.

- Stained-needs a shave-real man any day of the week.

- Stained needs to go away.

I could go on..but I think this is amusing enough...

Thanks for tagging me dana....


  1. Anonymous says:

    LOL! Yours are pretty funny. X)

    I especially liked "Stained needs to be replaced with vinyl floor covering

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