Sleep & Eve 6

Posted: Monday, June 18, 2007 by Stained in

Usually after taking a call while being half asleep, I tend to go back to sleeping but today it was different.

Sometimes when someone says something [three some :S], it strikes a string of thought. A thought that may span for just a few seconds. So today that thought was a dream/wish I had hoped for about seven months back but every time I get close to fulfilling it some interference pops up & delays its fulfillment. So today I saw for just a second a chance that kicked in a lot of hope, the dream flashed by in front of me & I had a smile on my face but the very next second something else was said & it came all crashing down. The dream will have to wait for yet another day & today, well I was upset. Anyway I woke up while being very sleepy a moment back. The best part is I kept pretending to be sleepy while the phone conversation continued. After hanging up instead of wrapping myself up with a blanket & going back to dream land, I got out of bed & got back to reality [which usually sucks compared].

Anyway today, I kinda discovered this new song called 'Think Twice' by Eve 6. Here's the video of the song, a little on the angry side of alternative rock I assume for some but I'm been shifting into that genre lately.

Was going through the lyrics when a part of it caught my eye that goes like...

When I,
Showed up,
And he,
Was there,
I tried,
My best,
To grin,
And bear,
And took,
The stairs,
But didn't stop at the street.
And as we speak,
I'm going down.
[click here for full lyrics]

This kinda striked another string of thought that haunts me day after day, can' let got, can't get out as the song goes.


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