Posted: Sunday, June 24, 2007 by Stained in

I turned 21 recently. Many of my friends do hope to or will celebrate their 21st birthday by partying the night away. Not me, I had a quiet celebration with my family, stayed at home, played with my niece, had dinner with the whole family [apart from my brother]. Simple & nice.

I did go out with friends the very next day hanging out for about 14 hours with them, got a wonderful birthday gift from my petite Amie but no partying for me, 21 or not, doesn't matter. Its just a number for me and not a gateway to freedom as everyone seems to think it is.

Another number that has lately been popping into my head is the no 69. The information related to it has changed over the years. The following time line shows you how....

Age 4-12 - it was just a number like any other number
Age 12-14 - used to travel to school in bus no: 69
Age 15-17 - there was some joke regarding the no 69 that I never understood, who cared anyways, its just a number for me.
Age 18 - Understood the joke & went 'Ewwwwww'
Age 19-20 - Wondered who did it.....
Age 21 - The above question got answered ;)

[note: ';)' does not mean I've done it, I just know who does it :D]

Anyway another song I've been liking lately is 'Are you with me?' by Vaux.....

click here for lyrics.....


  1. D says:

    Hmmm I found out was 69 was in 12th grade... I was 16 then... when one girl got a 69 on an Eco test and everyone gave her a hard time about it ... soooo some 'helpful' friends told me what it was... hehe... now even I get updates from my friends who do it ... :S

    And 21!!!! C'mon... legal entry into clubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. D says:

    In honour of your 69 post...

  1. Dude are you guys serious? Everyone knew about 69 from 8th or 9th grade onwards haha. I guess I got it PROPERLY in 10th/11th grade.

  1. I can't stand this 69 thing: it's ok as an official terminology for...

    But it's crude when used outside the realms of an intimate relationship.

    Why some people love the number in their phone numbers and license plates defeats me. It makes them look cheap.

    Then again, some people really don't know what it means: they really don't! And that's the sad part!

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