Urban Tadka

Posted: Monday, November 15, 2010 by Stained in Labels: , , , , , ,

Winter is still busy being somewhere else which means Dubai is still hot and hazy. This inevitably forces me and SJ to shoot cityscapes early in the morning to get decent results. Early morning means breakfast which unfortunately isn't well catered to in Dubai especially on Friday mornings. Our choices are pretty limited to Ravi, Karachi darbar or something similar. Not the healthiest of choices but worth an indulge once in a while. And then SJ swooped in and recommended Urban Tadka. Situated in Karama(location map), it serves the best vada pav I've had in the UAE or the middle east by a far shot. I've ordered it every single time I've been there i.e. I've yet to taste anything else on their menu. Best part is, it's value for money which puts this on our highly recommended list (at least for their vada pav for now). I even dragged Sagaris there though they were unfortunately closed then. Oddly they've stopped serving vada pao for breakfast recently but we still managed to order 4 as SJ can be quite persuasive.


4 Vada Pav                     :  AED 20
2 Masala Chai (tea)           :  AED 4
2 Small bottle of water     :  AED 2
Total                               AED 26


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