25th May 2010

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Today SJ had an off from work so she thought it might be a good idea to get her lens fixed. So I tagged along as I wanted to get my flash fixed as well. Went to National stores at around 1pm, gave my lens and then headed out to Deira City Centre (DCC) to get her lens fixed. Had lunch and then headed out to Ibn Battuta mall (IBM) to meet WS at around 3:30pm.

WS hasn't been very cheerful lately due to work related stress I suppose which was quite evident. So in an impulsive crazy idea before leaving home I asked SJ if she wanted to go visit WS on the other side of town to cheer her up and surprisingly she agreed. Went there, had ice cream at Marble slab creamery (very sweet, didn't like it), went to Sharaj DG (electronics fix), walked the whole mall talking, had Nerds (doesn't taste the same) and kinda enjoyed ourselves. Got back home at 7pm. A good outing... :)

On another note, the last time I took a picture for myself was on the 5th of May. Since then, every time I have picked up my camera and taken a shot, I had to take the picture and not because I wanted to. What that basically means is that I've been shooting for clients or family or friends and not for myself. Not in the creative sense at least. 20 days and counting. This sucks....

At least I have this weekend to look forward to. Might be going out shooting with SJ and WS... :)


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