Beautiful weather...5th May 2010

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Last night me and SJ had decided to wake up early and try to shoot the sunrise, the Sheikh zayed road skyline and some other random shots from Ras Al Khor. So woke up today at 4:30am, got out of the house by 5:10am and headed out to Ras Al khor hoping to find a spot to shoot from. We found none which sucked though driving with the windows down in the rain was fun...

In the process we ended up on Al Khail road and I managed to snap this 7 shot panorama.As we tried to make our way back to Ras Al khor, we ended up on the road that went the Nad Al Sheeba instead and I decided to show SJ the area. Parked and we randomly walked around. We ended up spotting a rainbow like phenomena in the sky.We were literally in the middle of nowhere in the sense that there wasn’t anyone to bother us, it was just us enjoying the silence and being shutter happy.

I kind of liked the way this tree looked and how it went with the whole scene. This is a 3 shot HDR.After that we headed towards a section I hadn't explored before to look for camels as SJ hadn't seen one for ages. Luckily we ended up finding a camel farm with a female camel and its calf outside the fence taking a walk. We bothered them for a while before they decided to walk back to the farm. The mother seemed a little annoyed by us. Got some really cute shots of the calf. Here's a shot of both of them.Then we headed off to Karama to have some cheese manakeesh from Al Reef. And in the end we made our way to Nad al Hamar to pick SJ's car from the garage and then home sweet home.

A nice morning out...managed to take lots of nice pictures and had lots of fun.


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