UK Trip...Part VII

Posted: Friday, June 26, 2009 by Stained in

Monday 23rd March

Today was the day we had to take our Cruise ride on the River Thames. After missing the cruise which we were supposed to get on, we managed to get on to the next one. It was a cold day with dark clouds flying by. I almost froze my right hand while holding the camera without a glove. Some shots from the boat
Then we made our way to the Kensington Palace where atlast finding it open, some of my friends checked it out while the rest of us waited in the Gift shop. It had started raining outside (first rain in London) and I was happily getting wet. The following shot is of a building near Harrods while the second shot was taken near the Kensington Palace.
Then we made our way back home as some of my friends were flying back to Dubai so there was some packing to be done.

Tuesday 24th March

Today some of us made our way to Hampton court palace that is about an hour away from London. It's a Huge palace where some King Henry lived and some other people lived. It was a beautiful place. Took us a good 6 hours to get done with it. The only think I was sad about was that the garden was not in its full bloom as it was still autumn...
At 5:30pm we made our way back home....

Note: I'm going through a tough time which is why I haven't updated my blog much lately...


  1. rosh says:

    Stained your talent blows people away. The pictures are beyond brilliant. Thanks!

  1. Awesome pics dude!!!!

    Hope you manage you get your troubles sorted out soon.


  1. D says:

    Wrong dates.

    We went to Hampton Court on Tuesday the 24th of March. Monday was the 23rd of March.

    Love these pics; you already know that.

  1. Stained says:

    Thanks Rosh!! :)

    Thanks Photo Dubai....I hope so too!!! bad...will change it...and thanks....

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