UK Trip...Part VI

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Saturday, 21st March

Today we planned to visit three Museums i.e the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum

1) Natural History Museum was huge. I wasn't even able to cover 40% of it in the 4 hours I spent inside. It was one of the best parts of the trip. Loved the place and wish I had atleast a week more in London so that I could spend all of it in the Museum.
2) Some not so prehistoric animal bone structure at the Natural History Museum...3) Blue Whale skeleton....The biggest whale at the Natural Histort Museum.
4) Food area
5) The Earth Section....They have an earthquake section where the ground starts to shake replicating the feeling millions of japanese had in the devastating earthquake they experienced about 20 years back.
6) Being the only one left inside the Natural History Museum, I was made to join the others in the Victoria and Albert Museum which had some more nudity in the name of Art. I exited the place immediately and made my way to the Sciene Museum. This Science museum isn't as interesting as the Natural History museum but it's still a lot of fun if you're into electronics, space technology and mathematics etc...

A shot of the WWI plane hanging from the ceiling.
7) Not sure if this was the real thing (can't remember). The shuttle used to come back to earth..
8) I spend about 2hours in the Science museum where I broke my head trying to figure out things that were just above my intelligence. I felt quite dumb in the end. After that, all alone I made my way to Hyde Park. Not sure where I was going I somehow managed to wander off into the Park. There I met with D and fell in love.....with the Park.. :P
9) Hyde park is a must see and I just spend most of my time there lying on the grass watching the tress and the beautiful sunset. Unlike Dubai, you are allowed to play on the grass, skate, cycle etc so you'll find a lot of people in groups enjoying themselves. I had a lot of fun watching a bunch of skate boarders practising with 2 dozen cones. Their skill level was great.
10) I experienced one of the best sun sets of my life over the Beautiful Hyde park as we made our way to Kensington Palace where we were supposed to meet the others.
Sunday, 22nd March

Today was shopping day or in other words the most boring day. I was in a very bad mood and spent most of my time wandering off all alone. Oxford street is known to be the Hub for shopping so while the other shopped, I decided to walk towards this huge tower towards the west of where we were. It's called the BT tower and is very tall. It used to be open to public but now is used for telecommunication so is off limits. Would have made a great shot from up there.


  1. Anonymous says:

    i knew ud make it to the papers one day....if u havent seen already its in today's Tabloid! .....D's in it too....i was planning to drop by Arte unfortunately friends hd other plans.....well good luck with ure work...hope u make a tidy sum!

  1. Stained says:

    It's hard to make any money for me....forget a tidy sum of it... :|

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