UK Trip...Part V

Posted: Sunday, May 31, 2009 by Stained in

Friday, 20th March

1) Today we started our trip by first visiting the London Eye to change the tickets for one of our friends who couldn't make it to the Eye the previous night. This time we took the Westminister bridge to cross the Thames providing me with this super cool shot.2) On the way back, I clicked a dozen shots of the Big Ben and the Parliment house. This I think is a 3 shot HDR3) After that we made our way to Madam Tussauds.

This is the section where you'll find most of the latest hollywood stars4) The girls obviously wanted to pose with every Pipsqueak in there while I was asked to keep taking pictures. I think I have just 4 pictures of myself in there. There was this scary section which wasn't really scary but supposedly you are supposed to scream and pretend to be scared cause that's supposed to be fun...I think that's plain being stupid!!!

Anyway a shot of the exit that leads to the Gift shop where I bought this Wall-E poster for my sister. They have cool posters that one can buy in London!!!5) After than we made our way to the Buckingham palace through the Green Park where we spotted a Squirrel that Kaz fed some chips to.6) We made our way through the beautiful garden that had huge trees.7) Plenty of Yellow Tulips(?) to take pictures of. I had fun using my Sigma 18-200 here.8) The Buckingham Palace was the boring part. Just a not so great looking building. They didn't even have the changing of Guards thing that day. A shot of the Buckingham palace through the railing, it's a panorama so ignore the distortion.8) Then we quickly hurried of the London Dungeons. It was like a adventure theme scary thing. Here's a quote from their website..

'Transport yourself back to the darkest moments in the capital's history within the deep depths of the London Dungeon. Live actors, shows, two rides and interactive special effects ensure that you face your fears head on in this unique ninety minute experience.

Everything that you see is based on real historical events from Jack the Ripper, to the Great Fire of London, torture and the plague. Now with two scary rides the London Dungeon provides a thrilling and fun experience that will leave you screaming for more! Are you brave enough?'

I went through the whole thing with a straight face. Nothing in there scared me. It was the second most costliest waste of money. They bore you with history and try to scare you on the way. The other seemed scared, especially the girls...

Then we made our way to Leicester Square where we saw a bunch of freestylers performing an act.After some of us having ice cream, we made our way back home.


  1. Anonymous says:

    the first shot is magnificent... and the plane was a super bonus..

    is that a dust spot on the pic??? :(

  1. Stained says:

    Thanks....and it is a dust spot...I never bothered removing it... :|

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