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Parkour - (park-or) an urban activity where a traceur completes a 'run', overcoming obstacles on the route with a variety of gymnastic and acrobatic moves including elements such as jumps, vaults, and wall runs.

Well this art was introduced to my gang by two of my friends, that was the year 2004. For about 2 years me & my friend tried to perform this art to our maximum potential. With the lack of any Gymnasium at our disposal we did all that we could do without breaking any of our bones. We took a videos during some jams we had, here is a compilation of those videos....hope you like it....


  1. D says:

    I've already told you I liked this vid...soooo yeah... LOVE the bloopers at the end...

  1. Haha, that was so awesome! You guys are really good, it would be cool to see that in person and be there with a camera!

  1. stained says:

    we're okay....not awesome...
    hmm...see what in person, the moves or the bloopers... :D :D

  1. Haha, both actually! :P

  1. stained says:

    hmm...sure...what you doing in the summers then...It would be nice to have our own personal camera person... :D :D

  1. DXBluey says:

    love it. best use of dubai concrete i've seen. more please....

    PS Don't kill yourselves...

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