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Posted: Monday, May 14, 2007 by Stained in Labels:

This post has been loooooooong due. A post about my cats. I've got two cats.

Let me begin with the older one.
We got her from 'Feline Friends' on 15th may 2003 when she was about 6 weeks old, completely white. We called her 'Minnie', don't remember who came up with the name though... She's a completely spoiled attention seeker. She hates not being the centre of a person's attention and will go to the extent of scratching whoever doesn't pay attention to her. I have had to deal with this erratic behaviour quite a few times especially when I'm chatting away with my friends on the phone. She'll 'meow' loudly initially to get my attention, if that fails she'll either jump on my lap or start purring quite loud. If she's already in a 'not so good' mood, she'll skip the purring/lap time & will let her nails do the talking. She loves to be treated like a 'Queen'. But she's just sooo adorable..she sleeps with me, sits with me in the middle of the night, does the Eskimo quite well....etc. One thing annoying about her is that she gets scared quite easily which has led us to have many scratches all over our bodies plus she hates strangers. We used to try to give her a bath when she was young which was a bad idea. Anyway nowadays we just use a wet towel to wipe them now & then. I don't have any old pictures of her on the computer as I didn't have my mobile camera then so I'll just post some recent ones.

The younger one. Found her in my parking eating some garbage as my brother almost ran over her with his car. I got her up [as in to my house], stood outside waiting for my parents to decide what to do. We decided to let it in for the night, clean it, feed it & leave it the next morning. Well that next morning never came & this pipsqueak hasn't left my house [apart the various expeditions it tries to undertake by running off to the other floors] since then. We initially planned to call her 'Silvy' but the name evolved into 'Chottu'. She's 80% black with golden brownish hair all over her body [like how we humans get a few grey hair here & there as we age] & she's white on her underside. She also has one white paw with the rest are black...kinda weird in a funky way. Anyway she loves licking our hair, hand or face. She loves guests & does not get scared that easily. She loves sneaking outside & make me run up & down the stairs after her. She never lets me cut her nails which have a tendency to grow into sharp fishing hooks that really hurt, trust me. She hardly purrs or meows loudly. She loves the sun, jumping ridiculously onto our cupboards, falling from places...she's the wacko of the two. Her most annoying behaviour is when she chews on our hands like they a juicy bones & when she irritates 'Minnie' while she sleeps. Again just the recent pictures for her.

I think I have covered all that I can think of about this bunch of completely spoiled cats who are now a part of my family & I don't know how we will deal with it when they become tooo old.... :(


  1. D says:

    Yesssssss... I agree abt the first one being the jealous attention seeker... hehehe...

  1. stained says:

    I wonder why... :P :P

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