spectre of her past..

Posted: Tuesday, May 01, 2007 by Stained in Labels:


She dwells in ignorance
Concerning all that she had once accomplished
For folks whose breath was dearest
What does she possess
What does she bear inside
Obscureness, Isolation, Tears & Grief
What exists of her crusade
A smile on every face
What are the incentives that sustain
For her to weep for their pain
Hither she lays alone
Reflecting on how her lifeline expired
A fresh new day when she blundered
Yet another promise she raped
Pounding the invisible barrier
Calling out to deaf ears
As she invades dejection
Wishing for a spirit
To just live here
But what she has served
No one shall do for her
As she crumbles in this deepening sorrow
Reminiscing all those painful souvenirs
She's the damned one
Maybe she should run
But she's scared to be alone
Even though lonely she is
So she will cut out humanity
Create a world of her own
Till the time comes for her to strive
When the clock ticks away for her end
And this world will never perceive her pain
It will never try to bang her again

She shall be a spectre of her past
Hidden in the darkness around


I like this one. A rare long poem by me.....


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