The so called 'College love....'

Posted: Saturday, October 21, 2006 by Stained in

Do people in college really understand what love is or is it just 'timepass' where either they are too scared to be 'alone' or they just want to satisfy their 'physical desires'. Even if the girls are serious[about the relationship], its very rare the guys will also be serious. So how can these girls go out with such guys. Fine, maybe the girls learn to compromise for the time being hoping that as time passes they would be able to change the guys attitude towards the relationship. But how often does that work. I have a few cases in front of my eyes where any such atempt made by the girls are in vain. And then you hear them complain that my boyfriend is like this, he does not care etc. But the thing that really cracked me up was this line said by a girl,"If I [the girl] dont dress up nicely he [her boyfriend] does not give me attention but when I do, he wants to be with me all the time". Now which girl would choose to go out with such a guy. Sheesh its sooo...urgh...have not words to describe what it is. Is this the so called, highly advertised Love or is it just a compromise & then more compromises till everything falls apart. But then I think it won't matter to such people in it end, they might just find new companions to go out with......


  1. D says:

    Tell me who that crackpot girl is and I swear I will shoot her disgusting looks ALL THE TIME ... and probably try and get her boyfriend in the lift and apply the bloody lift rule...

  1. Anonymous says:

    You said it in the last line.... its all about 'companionship' . Trying to fit in : to be accepted. I am afraid I was like that 8 years ago. Changed. My wardrobe. For a boy.

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