Etisalat & SRK

Posted: Wednesday, October 18, 2006 by Stained in

I recieved a SMS from 'Etisalat' yesterday. The following was the content of the message

"Win free ticket to watch the Bollywood hit 'Don'. Enter SMS quiz, Answer 10 questions. SMS 'S DonQuiz' to 1117. Only AED 2 for registration! For info. call 101"

All my friends recieved this message. We were surprised, since when did Etisalat start promoting 'Bollywood' movies & how can a movie be a hit even before its release. Then the answer came, 'Shah Rukh Khan'. Even though it was just a promotion gimic to call it a hit, but it all fell into place when you think about the supposed 'King Khan' of bollywood. They seem to believe that anything SRK touches would turn into gold. So here we have 'Etisalat' sending messages to its subscribers hoping that the die-hard fans would reply[I'm sure many must have], jumping on the SRK band-wagon hoping that it would bring them riches.

"Etisalat third-quarter profit rised to Dh1.6billion - result helped by strong mobile subscriber additions"

This was was a story published by Gulfnews today. Dh 1.6billion profit for a company, why would they end up sending such rediculus SMS's to its subscribers. What riches would it get them by joining in for this promotion campaign. If Subscribers are the main source of its income, why then send annoying SMS's to them. Just because the 'Don' distributers will go to any extend to promote a SRK movie & would have paid a shiny amount of dirhams to 'Etisalat', it should still not have gone ahead with this Win a free ticket bullshit. Next thing we want is 'Etisalat' promoting the dozen brands promoted by SRK which would make sure we recieve atleast a dozen SMS's everyday.....


  1. D says:

    OMG... your first non-emotional, serious post... I'm shocked beyond words!

  1. Stained says:

    hmm....well I had to write this...Etisalat promoting 'don' was just too much to take....

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