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Posted: Sunday, October 22, 2006 by Stained in

Just remembered an incident that happened to me a few days back.

Being a great car fan[like every other guy], I love taking pictures & a closer look at any exotic rare car. I'm not scared if the owner does turn up while I go through my peeking & pictures routine. Its happened to me quite a few times when the owner would just give me nasty looks or maybe a smile. I would usually wait for the owner to drive away as I would want to hear the exhaust note of the car[it's a guy thing]. But on two occasions, the owners spoke to me, saying the same thing,"for sale, want to buy it" & for some absurd reason my brains would freeze up. With a weird smile on my face & a mumbled no, I would try to disappear from that situation as fast as I could.

The first incident had happen when I was still a shy school student who would go red in the face for no bloody reason. The second incident was the one that happened to me a few days back. I was in dubai media city, just left mcdonalds. On the way to pick a friend from college[AUD], me & my friend[in his car] saw a parked VW Golf R32, a car that both of us wanna one day own. So we stopped next to the car, I got off to start my routine when someone calls out, it was the owner saying that it was for sale & if I was interested to buy it. I knew he was joking & like a proper adult [I'm 20] I could have engaged him in a intelligent conversation where maybe I could have ended up getting a ride in the car but i just decide to slide back into my friends car. Weird....that is sooo not me. Its confuses me why I freeze up coz I have worked in sales so I do know how to deal with strangers. Well I do hope that next time when I do end up in such a situation I'll act more mature & sensible....


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    Is it still one of your favorites??

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