Dearth of sand

Posted: Tuesday, July 26, 2011 by Stained in Labels:


Dissolution of the musical essence of silence
Motion sickness from rocking on heels
Numinous shadows sealed to ones soul
Historical wisdom accrue the seers
Darkness within the eye lips
Spoken the fleeting moment away
Fallen before the dearth of sand
Thoughts of corpses encircle beyond
Sleets of numbers frozen midair
Counting down the crackle beneath
Stops the mist one designs
Fashion the smile all over again

- Stained


  1. kafka796 says:

    Hi. I love deciphering poems and have always been an avid poetry afficionado. I adore your style of writing, even though its depressing, its not soap-ish and soppy. It speaks off you as a strong, yet highly emotional human being . Keep up the good work, will visit this page often just to read your poems. cheers!

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