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Abdul Razzak scored a century to lead Pakistan to victory over South Africa. I'm talking about a cricket match that ended just a few hours back in Abu Dhabi (click here for more information). The Pakistanis on twitter obviously went mad being the hypocrites they are i.e. hate the players when they make small mistakes but go mad when they win and spamming timelines about how great the player/s are. They've started calling Abdul Razzak a legendary player which is plain ridiculous. People like Wasim Akram, Javed Miadad, Waqar YounisInzamam-ul-Haq etc are legends, not a noob like Abdul Razzak. I know calling him a noob is going a little far but in comparison to the REAL legends, he looks ordinary to say the least. He's got a long way to go to even get close to their skill and quality.

Moving on to the real reason for this post. Now the majority of the Pakistanis going mad are well Muslims. And like most Muslims in this modern world, they forget those minor things that we are not supposed to do (I don't claim to be any better but honestly it's these little things that I hold on to while ignoring the bigger picture). The cricketers name is Abdul Razzak, pronounced together so to make things easier, the name should technically be spelled Abdulrazzak. Unfortunately almost everyone calls him Razzaq, shortening the name would generally be fine in most cases but over here it's wrong. Razzak is one of Allah's name in the Holy Qu'ran so you can't call a human that (for more information about Allah's names, click here). So watching the word Razzak trending on twitter was great (as it stands for Allah), but the reason it was trending wasn't right.

There is so much more to Islam then people tend to follow or choose to understand, wish it wasn't like that. Honestly ignorance is one of the biggest issues faced by Muslims today, more than anything else.

In the end, well played Abdul Razzaq. I hope this makes the rest of the Pakistan team play better cause as an Indian, I do like to see our neighbor play well....


  1. Anonymous says:

    what is that abdur???? its abdulrazzak not Abdurrazzak!!!! there is nothing in arabic or quran called abdur its abdul with an "L" not "R"

    his name here is mentioned correctly

  1. Stained says:

    This is what happens when you blog at 2am...I messed up his name with the Bangladeshi cricket player :

  1. Anonymous says:

    Everyone is a hypocrite when it comes to cricket, you play they love you... you don't they hate you! That's just how it is!

  1. Stained says:

    That's why I prefer playing over watching. I only watch test cricket nowadays....

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