Nightmare or reality

Posted: Saturday, May 22, 2010 by Stained in Labels: ,

Speaking to a friend made me realize just now that maybe she had already moved on even before knowing about my lies and confessions. That I didn't have the need to lose everything for her. That I shouldn't have been so naive or stupid to believe her words....I hope not...but I will never numb...

Nightmare or reality

Getting lost in those eyes
His hand slipping into hers
Shifting himself closer
Intoxicated by her scent
Sensing her nervousness
He wraps his arm around her
She looks at him with hope
If he’ll take care of her
He smiles reassuringly
Everything will be perfect tonight

Lying in bed
Two souls became one
This was there special moment
Something they’ll never forget
She’s never been this happy
He was the only one
He would never let go
She was everything he ever wanted
He asks her to marry him
She says yes...

I open my eyes
Shivering sweating and scared
A nightmare or reality
I do not know
She will never be mine
But I shall still hold on
No one shall ever touch me
Like the way she did
I shall never love the same
Cause I will never forgive myself



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