The Magnificent

Posted: Thursday, May 20, 2010 by Stained in Labels: , , , , , ,

First read this article.

"Le Magnifique - Dubai's Hottest Networking Event" That's what they were calling it on their Facebook event page. I initially thought it would be just another social networking event like Geekfest or something along those lines. But then I read the description...

"Welcome to Le Magnifique.. where else can you network with the best Dubai has to offer, on a pool deck, with DJ and YOUR FIRST DRINK FREE!"

That spelled 'drunk people-jumping into pool-madness' for me. I know I'm making assumptions here but when you mention a pool deck as a USP for the event, it just makes you wonder if it's just another night life page 3 party. Obviously I didn't go so I would never know what it was.

Anyway there is an issue boiling over the above linked article written by Nabila Usman. Some people are calling it poor journalism, some calling it biased reporting while some are questioning the headline. I agree that the headline could have been different but the article seems fine to me. Yes a few facts were omitted but it was clarified that when the article was published, those facts were not available.

I know I'm not a journalist or some smart dude skimming through news reports on the internet, I read what I like and don't really dissect them to pieces. I'm more of a visual person. So to me the article (biased or unbiased) seems fine though the heading could have been different. It tells me what the event was about, what happened and what the response was. The Areeba removing her scarf angle could have been added to the article, that would make it more balanced I suppose for the critics. But apart from that I don't see any other issues to it. It's simple and to the point. Perfect for a layman like me... :)


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