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Posted: Monday, May 24, 2010 by Stained in Labels: , , , , ,

So I decided to have a look at the article today just to see where the issue/discussion had gone and was disappointed to find some of the comments were deleted.

Without a proper statement/reason, deleting those comments would just add to the criticism the writer i.e. Nabila Usman was already facing. On asking her why the comments were deleted, she told me that she didn't know anything about it and that maybe it had something to do with language abuse that was in violation of the comments terms & conditions. She later added that some people were using different names to make comments (i.e. same IP, different name).

Now these reasons might justify the deletion of those comments but it doesn't because a comment I had made was also deleted which did not violate anything (as it was just a one liner with nothing offensive) nor was it made under a different name. And honestly, some of the other comments that were deleted as well seemed fine apart from being negative towards the article. Disappointed indeed....


  1. Thanks Faisal. I figured out how your comment was deleted. A few comments were violating the terms & conditions that they had agreed to before comment and your comment was a reply to one of those - so what happens is that when an abusive comment is deleted, all the related replies are also gone. I was disappointed too when I realized it. It wasn't done intentionally. Although, I personally emailed some people (including those whose comments were deleted) who required a detailed explanation or clarification etc.

  1. IM says:

    I didn't know the comments were deleted! =S
    Anyway I read that article sometime back after reading people tweets about being discriminated at the event! I think people were unnecessarily making a big issue about what Nabila wrote which was not at all 'offensive' as some people said!

    PS: Al Emarati blog blocked as well as Ultra[blue] guys personal blog! =(

  1. Stained says:

    @Nabila...the comments shouldn't have deleted for your own good. I think apart from you, no one else should have had the right to delete the comments.

    @IM...I agree some of the comments were quite harsh and I completely supported the article. I kinda understand where they were coming from but sometimes it helps to be a little flexible when you expect others to understand your point of view which they weren't. A bit of arrogance IMO.

    And regarding the Al Emarati blog, it's not blocked, it's been removed. I was a contributor there and the blog has vanished from my blogger dashboard. Kinda sad cause I was trying to make a difference there but well it got reported I suppose...

  1. IM says:

    @Stained oops yeah it's removed! WOW!
    I did read your post regarding the Plane crash on al-emarati blog! I honestly did like that blog even though ultra[blue] used wrong way to market the blog in that post which led to enormous hate comments including on Twitter by using #nobigotsinuae !

    Tell them I'll miss them and I think they were doing great job! <3

    PS: Wonder why was ultra[blue]'s personal blog was removed!

  1. Stained says:

    @IM Even though I was a contributor there, apart form the plane crash post, I had never posted there. I never read it either. No idea why I joined it honestly. So no idea if the blog was any good or not. The few posts I did read, a few them seemed a little to err...racist so I didn't like it but everyone has a right to have an opinion.

    I don't know any of the other contributors so can't really pass on the message.. :)

    I think ultra[blue]'s blogger account got idea how or why...

  1. IM says:

    I had read not all but most of there posts and out of them two were racist, the plane crash and the car accidents one only! Other than that I didn't read any other post which was racist in fact they had even criticized Emiratis in 2-3 posts I read! At least they had enough guts to say it on the face and not turn a blind eye to the mistakes which even the locals make!

  1. Stained says:

    @IM I read like 3 or 4 posts out of which 2 were racists so that really put me off from reading the other posts. I'm not happy that the site is gone. Removing/blocking isn't the solution. As I said, I was hoping to make a difference but now I won't get that chance.

  1. IM says:

    Agree with you nothing would change by just blocking them! Besides ultra[blue]had put up an apology and removed that post!

    On top of that they even blocked his personal blog which I think is going a little overboard! And again I had read few posts on that blog as well and it had "nothing" I could spot which was racist!

    Btw you can make a difference even by writing on this blog people do read it! =)

  1. Stained says:

    @IM I didn't get a chance to read the apology. Just found out about it about 30minutes back. Now I have a feeling that it being removed was nothing to do with Google/blogger violation but local pressure instead. We will never know I suppose.

    His personal blog I used to follow and there was nothing wrong with that. It also got removed cause his blogger profile was basically removed which means everything to do with that is gone.

    This blog started off as a ranting, poetry blog about 4 years back. Became a photo blog after that and now is again a ranting blog. Trying to make more meaningful posts now but it'll take some time for me to write down my thoughts cause I'm a visual person and not a writer. But I'm trying. And I shall make a post about it tomorrow, once I'm done with work. :)

  1. IM says:

    True that, that post of his spread like wild fire and everyone Emiratis/non-Emiratis were insulting them, they should have used something else to promote the blog! Will miss'em=[

    Anyway I'll look forward to your posts!

    Best of luck! =)

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