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Just got back from Mall of the Emirates where I had gone to watch the movie ‘9’. Will post what I thought about it later. Anyway while driving back; I got a call from this number I didn’t recognize. It was Jason, Ash’s cousin brother who was wondering if I’d be interested to join him and some others for a multiplayer game of Battlefield.

A little bit of history about the whole Battlefield multiplayer thing. Basically I used to join Ash to play Battlefield 2 with his friends against a bunch of kids. Well they used to be kids, not anymore. It was a bit of a challenge with the winner getting bragging rights till the next outing. Even though I didn’t own the game, whenever I played with them, I was pretty good at it so Ash always asked me to come along.

Coming back to today (more like yesterday but you get the point), I told Jason I won’t be able to come cause I had plans. It would have been cool to play Battlefield again but I’m not that sad that I’m blogging about it. The reason I’m blogging is because Ash didn’t call me.

A little bit of history about Ash. I know him for a very long time, possibly for over 15 years. Apart from a few years, we were never really very close friends but he’s always been a part of my world in some way or another. In school he was in class and everyone knew he was a idiot (bit of a pervert). He was also in the same college that I went to where he used to love to talk about the new girl he had sex with. He used to tell everyone and anyone. He’s one of those jerks who’d sleep with any girl if he got the chance and brag about it. Even though I knew this and it disgusted me, I didn’t shut him out of my life because none of his shit ever affected me. What really surprised me that the girls in college used to be cool with the fact that he was an jerk irrespective of the fact that he disgusted them and this including my CC. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that he was a smooth talker, cool with everything and anything which made him a cool dude I suppose.

Anyway moving on, so he didn’t call me and maybe it’s because I messed up with CC. I don’t know what she told him but now I’m an asshole but wait a minute, what I’ve done is nothing in comparison to the things he has done but still he gets to treat me like this. Everyone gets to treat me like this irrespective of the fact that the wrong I’ve done does not even come close to the good I’ve done to everyone. So basically it all comes down to one simple thing, the thing that popped into my head last night…
It's ironic how I get punished for my mistakes because there is no one by my side...all alone I stand, all alone I try to survive...


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