Angry Cat

Posted: Tuesday, October 14, 2008 by Stained in Labels:

She might look like she's in a super angry/aggressive mood but she's not. She was just yawning!!! :D Shooting Date/Time : 10/13/2008 9:52:29 PM
Tv(Shutter Speed) : 1/50
Av(Aperture Value) : 2.8
Metering Mode : Center-Weighted Average Metering
ISO Speed : 200
Lens : EF 50mm f/1.8
Focal Length : 50.0 mm


  1. D says:


    She does look like she's going "raawwwwrrrrrrr"!!!

  1. Harsha says:

    how long did you wait for her to do this?

  1. Stained says:

    Thanks d....

    Harsha...I didn't need to wait....she was kinda sleepy so I figured she would yawn, so I waited for about half a minute...she's been with us for over 6 years, you'd expect me to know her by now... :P

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