time off

Posted: Wednesday, April 11, 2007 by Stained in

I have been given time off my love life by my petite amie. One whole year [or thirteen months to be exact] away from all the happiness, hassles, tensions & troubles that are part of it.
This has given me an opportunity to give more attention to other issues in life which have been suffering due to the immense importance given to that one person by me. Time to recuperate my relationship with my family which is a wreck at the moment & with my friends who disagree with a few of my decisions which were irrational but were taken due to my weakness. I also need to rejuvenate my studies from the grave & be myself i.e. the free-runner[parkour].
Now lets see hows this new scene in life uncovers, hoping it follows the script written by me....so that....


  1. D says:

    Aha...you have a script... interesting

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