Accept us as we are

Posted: Monday, November 06, 2006 by Stained in

"Accept us as we are
Why is the Western view of clothes the only "right"way to dress? Are women dressing up in Western attire completely happy with their clothes or looks?

Why can't Western societies/countries accept different people? Why are we expected to accept them just as they are, when they can't?

If we can accept their beachwear, why can't they accept our hijab?

from Ms TK
Dubai "

This was a letter sent by a person I know to the local just thought I post it here.....


  1. Harshika says:

    i hope this post is read by people who u thought of, while writting it! Keeping my fingers crossed..

  1. Anonymous says:

    The question is: Where in gulf region is beachwear accepted? After all the current debate and stuff daily showing up in papers, I very much doubt that it is even excepted in Dubai. In fact newspapers are carrying comments according to which even if you wear tight clothes you deserved to be leered at, read 7days. Beachwear is a far off thing. Neither side is accepting each other's culture, it is not a one sided thing.

    It is the people who dont accept who make the most noise in media, those who have no problems sit and watch. If no one have problems with Saudi Arabia forcing women to dress up and not allow them to drive, France (& UK) have equal rights to refuse head covering for women. Both are wrong and should be equally opposed. The problem is West is talking about Saudi Arabia and people here are talking about France.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, beachwear IS accepted more than you would think. If you go to the Jumierah beach in Dubai, you will find swimmers in the water wearing swim suits and also those completely clothed.

    The point is if wearing less clothes is ok then covering up should be ok too.

    Fashion trends, individual styles, cultural influences... all affect the way we dress. Every style should be accepted.

    As for being leered at... in Dubai there is a very simple reason for this - over 70% of the population is male; so it doesn't matter what you wear. (no offence 'men')

    I have friends who cover their faces, hands and feet too and yet men stare. Even those who don't cover up are stared at.

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