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I am a very insecure person. Every new event raises a storm in my mind that revs my insecurity about my position in the everyday lives of the people I mingle with. Its unnecessary I know, but whatever I say to myself, these weird insecurities seem to have a ever increasing strong hold on me. They are in my every thought. Any action that I take are hampered by them. I have made several mistakes, lost friends & even made enemise due to them. I don't know what I'm playing at but I just can't let them go.

Just today, I was informed about something. A event that is of no importance to any normal human being, but here I am screwing up my day thinking about what will happen to this so called perfect world of mine. I know I'm important, but I just cannot get over the fear of being ignored. I know everyone suffers from this fear but mine is just much larger than anyone can imagine. I have almost ruined my college life due to this fear.

''It's all a mind game'', that is what I always say. ''Everything can be overcome if you are mentally strong'', this is the advice I give others when they seem to give up at the sight of small obstacles . But being the most pessimistic person when it comes to my own well-being, this advice seems to be of no use. How do I fight this I donot know. The only way I see is to run away from everything in the hope that these fears will go away....


  1. D says:

    Giving importance to only one thing can make you lose the other important things in your life...along with this thing/person as well...
    Don't think I don't understand wot you're talking about...It's understandable how you feel...but you're blindsiding other things...you've got blinkers on so you can only see THIS... and nothing else apparently matters at that point of time, which genuinely pisses off the other ppl in your life...

  1. Stained says:

    i.e pisses off people like you...if i'm rite to say... :S

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