Changing times

Posted: Thursday, August 25, 2016 by Stained in Labels:

I recently got hired to photograph a previous gen Ford Mustang. My point of contact was in adulation of my photography style and kept raving about the pictures I had online. I was visibly confused since I barely had any of my latest work online. So I queried about the work he liked and he spoke about the pictures I'd taken around 6 years ago.

Over time I've matured into a photographer who depends less on Lightroom automated editing actions. Gone are the days of sephia toning and over the top post processing. I try to keep it as artless and reliable as possible cause it makes my work flow less muddled.

Thanks to this shoot, I had to retreat to those older times. I managed to navigate clear of the automation but sephia toning did rear its vintage obnoxious head. The pictures turned out as good as this summer weather would permit and the client seemed relatively content with my sweats. Did I personally enjoy it? Oddly yes. I had fun looking over my older work and revisit some of those old techniques. It felt audacious. Makes you recognize how mundane life is if such trivial thing thrills you.

That bokeh thou....


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