Cricket Hiatus

Posted: Sunday, April 20, 2014 by Stained in Labels:

I've been playing cricket for 20 years. The competitive desi inside me loves it. I am pretty decent at it as well (i.e. among friends). The last seven years or so I've been playing cricket almost every Friday with friends I met in college and their friends. We started keeping stats for the past three years and in the 130 or so matches we've played I've got the second highest batting average. Not bad honestly even though it's more due to my tendency to put a price tag on my wicket than sheer quantity of runs, but then among 20 or so players I am the fourth highest run maker. Bowling on the other side is a bit of a mixed bag where I get whacked more often than not due to my constant need of experimenting. But there are days when I'm completely unplayable especially when I'm landing those leg spins well. And then comes my knack of being a brilliant fielder with the highest number of catches and constant ability to save plenty of runs. I'm possibly the fastest across the ground with the second strongest throwing arm though overthrows have become a dark side I fall into often.

And then I broke a finger, and I've decided to take a hiatus. My daughter will Insha'Allah come to Dubai in about 30 days and I am going to be her primary caretaker. Constant monitoring will require me to stay healthy and injury free which I can't promise with cricket. It might be just a month or six or even forever. Doesn't matter because I'm done for now. It saddens me but some things just need to be done and this is one of those... (-_-)


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