Freelance Photographer

Posted: Wednesday, July 11, 2012 by Stained in Labels: , , ,

Haven't blogged here for a very long time. I wouldn't say I've been kept busy; just distracted I guess. So my application for a freelance photographer license has almost been approved for a whopping AED19,500. By almost I mean, they've taken all the paper work, money, signatures etc, and just need to process and stamp it. Once that is done, another AED4,000 will be spent on Visa and the health checks required along with the cost of the Emirates ID. After all of that there won't be any looking back until next year where I'll need to pay AED17,500 for the renewal. Lots of money but Insha'Allah I'll make enough to justify it all. Kinda broke but dreams tend to not be cheap to fulfil. So that's that...


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