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Posted: Thursday, October 13, 2011 by Stained in Labels: , , ,

Warning: Angry Rant ahead

I adore the car I drive. Love the way it handles corners, the way it feels in control. But why the fuck does it have to fail on me so many times. The number of problems I've had with the car, you'd wonder how it's still running and it's just 20 months old. And it's not like it's wear and tear or abuse (which I don't do anyways). The weather today is wonderful with clear skies; you can see the stars in the city. So I open my sun roof to enjoy the view at a signal. I lower my seat cause I sit quite high and looking up from my default position strains my neck. Guess what, the seat button stopped working and now the seat is stuck in a position I can't drive in. Fucking brilliant and I have work for the next two days. This is the second time the seat buttons/motor has stopped working. If the car wasn't under warranty, I'd have lost a fortune trying to fix it not that I haven't already with the insurance, parking card and tires. Argh...

My best friend for the past 9 years is getting married this month and I can't go to his wedding in India because I don't have the money nor can I afford to absorb the opportunity cost. I don't have work as usual which is quite obvious from the several previous rants. Desperate times means desperate measures and so I'm working at Gitex shoppers doing promotions. I feel like a failure especially when conveniently the people strutting around as managers are people I knew in juniors. And then you have the ones that flunked out of college roaming around as business men shrugging off my photography cause here I was promoting a camera that I would never buy hired by the company because I'm a photographer. And I unfortunately bumped into my best friend who wasn't too happy with the fact that I wasn't coming for his wedding...I felt horrible. No eye contact was made...

And then the fucking fact that among all the kids doing sales and promotions, I perfectly blend it. I'm 25 even if I may look like a teenager and that isn't a compliment when you're trying fucking hard for people to take you seriously. I'm tired of fighting the battle of being taken as a adult. I get enough of being the kid at home stuff as I am the youngest but when people ask me which school/college I'm going to; I feel like fucking killing someone. Best part is even the people who I work with and who know my age don't take me seriously cause of the way I look.

I know I should stop ranting but it's better to let it out here than on someone you care about....I miss my CC...more than ever....


  1. Anonymous says:

    What's a CC?

  1. Stained says:

    It's a person...

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