Dead beach

Posted: Friday, May 06, 2011 by Stained in Labels: , , , , ,

A person in a Mercedes G class tells his friend (driving a Honda MRV) to watch him drift in the sand while the friend is busy thanking him for everything...whatever that means. A white tinted Altima sits in the middle of the sand with its lights on but unmoved for the past 15 minutes...make out session?? A cluster of cars parked near the fence unmoved as well while a Lexus ES300 crawls by and joins them. A Toyota Corolla trying hard to drift playing ostentatious music leaves and a VW Touareg enters perhaps honking at me deliberating what I'm up to. They drive by again closer this time taking a careful look at me followed by an almost chickened out deep sand session; they managed to not get stuck. A speedboat rumbles in the darkness that seamlessly transfers from the water to the night sky. The only sign of a horizon are those blinky lights doing what they do best. The Burj Khalifa flashes a light as a rally blue Subaru Impreza makes an unflattering entry as the Filipino lady driver wonders what I am. Arabic music plays somewhere in background with the wind whispering in my ears. Somewhere on the palm a car hits a dead end while a Suzuki Vitara that suspiciously looks like an unmarked cop car makes a second round. There's a southwesterly breeze that's managed to give me Goosebumps with the right amount of cold. It's the month of May but this is pleasant almost in an uncanny kind of way. A plastic bag rolls by illuminated by the Altima lights. Somewhere a kid has a conversation with her father and bikers go rumbling by superseded by the growl of a truck. I am thankful that I picked this over the meadow windows even though the outcome is the same. Dead beach...that's what we used to call it in college but that now seems like another life. An Infiniti EX35 floats by fulfilled and here I am using an iPad like my little best friend.


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