Cricket World Cup 2011

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Like most Indians, my Dad is a colossal cricket fan. He loved playing the game (when younger) and loves watching it especially if it has anything to do with the Indian national cricket team. As some of you may not know, the Cricket World cup started last month with a lot of publicity with some nail bitingly close initial matches that made my dad’s heart beat and interest skyrocket (not that it wasn’t already up there somewhere).

Then in the beginning of this month, my parents decided to take a trip to India for a month where we don’t have a TV which meant missing out on the World Cup. Now you need to remember that my dad’s very passionate about cricket; so much that he bought a Sony bravia LCD to take with him. He got a cable connection in 3 days and now is apparently spending most of his lazy hours in front of the box while I’m here watching the matches on our ancient (read: 9 years old) unknown brand Flat Screen CRT TV. So not fair.... -_-

To add to my annoyance, my dad tried to get tickets to the final as he’d be in the same city (read: Bombay) as the venue for the final but the mighty useless BCCI failed him by only selling 4,000 tickets to the general public which seem to be sold out or in access to people with sufficient contacts. Putting all that aside, I think this might possibly be my dad’s favorite India trip and for that I’m glad.... ^_^

Talking about the World Cup, we have now reached the Quarter Final stage with Pakistan thrashing West Indies in the first one today. Pakistan propelled by the success of their bowlers (specifically Shahid Afridi) has become one of the favorites to lift the cup. To commemorate that, here’s Humungousaur doing the Afridi pose after he takes a wicket.
Camera Model : Canon EOS 7D
Shooting Date/Time : 23/03/2011 04:47:42 PM
Tv(Shutter Speed) : 1/250
Av(Aperture Value) : f13
Metering Mode : Spot
ISO Speed : 100
Lens : Sigma 24mm f1.8
Focal Length : 24mm

For the people unfamiliar, Humungousaur is a Ben 10: Alien force character. This is my first major Lego purchase to basically make my niece happy because she adores the Ben 10 cartoon a lot. Being the bullying niece she is, she wants the whole range now which is going to burn a huge hole in my pocket cause the local prices for Lego toys is three times the prices in the US. I’m trying to get the toys shipped now, let’s see how that works out for me. -_-


  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm glad to hear that your family is enjoying the cricket World Cup.

    On a separate note I feel I should congratulate you on what seems like an excellent choice for your collection. I should try and dig out my old Star Wars set and take some shots for you.

  1. Stained says:

    It wasn't my choice to make if you know what I mean but my niece loves it so I don't care I suppose. She comes home today, I don't think she'd be particularly pleased to not see a new Lego toy in the house... *scampers off to Toys R Us*

    And I'd love to see some shots of the Star Wars set... ^_^

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