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Currently covered by a bunch of swelled up mosquito bites. This is what happens when you loaf around in a sewer pipe. Just one of those wild things I end up doing with SJ. Talking about SJ, ended up going for ‘Dhobi Ghat’ with her a week back when both of us were too tired to do any work. Decent movie though could have done more with it as SJ pointed out (being the Bombay person she is). Need to do a short write up/review on that for my IMDB account. Another write up I need to do is for the movie ‘127 hours’. Saw it in Abu Dhabi yesterday on my own (my first) as I waited for SJ to come from Dubai after work. A well made movie that is a little gruesome in the end. No wonder it had the 18+ rating which as usual led to me being asked for an ID... ^_^

Last Monday was one of those typical winter hazy days with sand thrown into the mixture, not the ideal weather to end up 124 floors high. This was the view towards Sheikh Zayed road.
Not the prettiest of picture you might have seen from the observation deck. With a bit of post processing, I can manage to get some detail out of it....
....but I like the hazy version more because of WYSIWYG.

Now you might think that was AED100 (entry ticket cost) wasted. Well not really because my ticket was one of those immediate entry ones which cost AED400. That’s literally a 50mm f1.8 down the drain but frankly it was a freebie because it was for a client (government agency) and most likely they’d be sending me up there again to get a clearer shot... ^_^


  1. Neelofer says:

    I have no idea how you can manage to stand way up there without passing out or feeling dizzy. Great pics tho! The weather was just messed up. Parking the car and walking towards the office was a huuuuge task without being shoved to one side by the unforgiving wind. Hmph.

  1. Stained says:

    It's like being in a plane...without the seatbelt that is....
    Tonights wind is COLD!!!! I'm loving it....^_^

  1. Superb shots despite of the bad weather condition.

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