Happy New Year

Posted: Saturday, January 01, 2011 by Stained in Labels: , ,

New Years Eve is beyond over rated. Just because the last digit/s in the date changes, doesn't really mean you need to go around celebrating it like a lunatic. Yes I do go shoot the firework display, but then I'm a fireworks freak which is quite evident from the number of times I've shot them. There were a total of 7 firework displays in Dubai visible yesterday from the spot I was standing. That's a lot for a pretty small city like Dubai. The amount of money blown on it all must have been enough to fund a few villages back home for a year if not more. Was there really a need for it is questionable though I did wish the hyped Burj Khalifa display was better especially for the thousands of people who got stuck in traffic because of it.

And then to talk about the whole party harder concept. I know people just need a reason to get drunk/drink but from what some people have told me over the years about these parties, it's plain disgusting. I wonder how many men and women ended up in random beds without any idea how they ended up their. How it all works baffles me...

The new year has ushered in higher prices for various things I personally buy/use but there are also some rule changes that seem promising if implemented properly. In the end uncertainty is still the same, today feels just like yesterday. But at least a new year gives you an opportunity to close the books, financial and emotional or so it seems. Will life change..I doubt it. Do I want it to change...nope. It all boils down to taking it one day at a time...even if you're just trying to stay afloat.

Happy New year...or something like that....


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