Breakfast at Le Pain Quotiden…

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Disclaimer: This blog is not turning into a food blog cause if it was, I'd blog about every new thing I ate. I'm just blogging about food I've enjoyed eating outside and would recommend to others.


1 Lebanese Style Eggs (w/o potatoes)     : AED33
1 Spanish Omelette (w/o potatoes)         : AED29
1 Belgian Waffle with Maple syrup            : AED16
1 Red Fruit Tea                                     : AED12.50
1 Hot Chocolate (Double)                       : AED 17
Total                                                   AED 107.50

With a frame of mind of having some sandwiches for breakfast, me and SJ entered Dubai Mall. We ended up having some eggs.

Being the lazy combo we've been lately, we decided to try PQ aka 'Le Pain Quotiden' as it was right next to the parking entrance to where our cars were parked. The restaurants decent decor helped sway our decision to eat there.

SJ ordered the Red Fruit Tea (pictured above) and the Spanish Omelette (pictured left). The tea was nothing special in my opinion even though SJ gulped it all exclaiming that it felt like drinking blood (not because of the taste but the colour obviously). The Omelette was ridiculously luscious with a divine mixture of olives, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and capsicum. Even though SJ claims to have the ability to make a better version of it, I doubt she could have bettered this.

I ordered Hot chocolate and the Lebanese style eggs (pictured right). The hot chocolate was simple and nice, just the way I like it. The eggs on the other hand was nothing as I expected ( I should have read the description carefully). Curiosity was the reason behind my order and honestly I was a little disappointed even though there was nothing wrong with the taste. The mint leaves was a nice touch but those beef sausages (tiny ones) were too salty and tasted a little odd.

To top off the meal with some dessert, we ordered the Belgian waffle with maple syrup as recommended by SN on twitter. The maple syrup was a little extra sweet and the waffle could have been crispier but when put together, it was just perfect. If we had any space in our tummy, we'd have ordered more but we couldn't so we plan to go back for more.


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