Tiffin Bites

Posted: Tuesday, October 12, 2010 by Stained in Labels: , , , ,

This is what the restaurant bill looked like after a quick (read 20mins) lunch at Tiffin bites.

1 Karahi Chicken Tiffin  :  AED 38
1 Chana Masala Tiffin    :  AED 32
2 Mango Lassi              :  AED 36
1 Butter Naan             :  AED 12
Total                            AED 118

We were in the mood for some Indian food as SJ is trying to stay off non-veg food for a week and we needed it to be quick cause we were getting late for the GulfPhotoPlus photo walk briefing. So we headed into Tiffin Bites at Jumeirah Beach Residence.

SJ had done some photography work at Tiffin bites for the magazine she works for and I had covered their annual group shot/award ceremony a month or so back so we were kinda keen on tasting what they had to offer. Annoyingly for me, I think the manager (called Pavan I think) recognised SJ but not me. Anyway we ordered the Tiffins cause according to the waitress, it would take just 7 minutes to prepare though the food was served in a mere 5 minutes.

The food serving looked small initially but as we dug in, it seemed quite large. I ordered mine to be mild spicy due to my new found love for spicy food which I balanced with a very thick mango lassi. The butter naan was just perfect.

Anyway coming to the reason for this post, the waitress got the bill that I was trying to pay with an AED100 note and some cash from SJ's bottom less purse while SJ was busy flashing her credit card wondering if they accepted plastic money. While we were still busy contemplating how to pay, the manager rushed in and took the bill from me insisting that the meal be on the house. Then ensued a smiling slightly embarrassing conversation where we kept insisting that he let us pay for the meal but the manager didn't budge and said he'd let us pay the next time we visited even though he did somewhere in the middle mention that our next meal would be free as well. We plan to go there again, pay for the food and tip them heavily as well...


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