Sharjah Blaze...after effects...

Posted: Wednesday, May 12, 2010 by Stained in Labels: , , , , , ,

Driving all the way to Sharjah to video the fire behind National paints seemed like a great idea yesterday. I don’t feel the same way about it anymore.

The place where I had parked and where I was standing was the area where the wind was taking all the smoke. Even though the smoke was quite high, there was some wet sticky soot falling over the area. It fell on me and my car. A quick bath made sure I was all clear but getting it off the car was a completely different story.

Started off by trying to clean it with water, then tried some soap and then tried some scratch removing car wax. None of it worked so decided to go for a car wash today. Told the cleaner about the soot and he tried to remove it with a liquid and then blasted the areas with water. He managed to get some of it off but there were still a lot of it left. I paid AED35 for the wash and AED15 as tip to the cleaner for trying.

Disappointed, I drove off to the Yellow Hat outlet in Nad al Hamar. Showed the sales guy my car and he said that it would be better if I showed the car to the detailing guy who then told me it would take ages to remove them all and that I should make a booking instead. Booking for external detailing done for tomorrow morning and it’s going to cost me AED340 (after a 15% discount).

Total cost AED390 (assuming I don’t tip the guy tomorrow)
Financial benefit from video AED0
Earnings this month AED350

Life’s good…


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