Rape Victim Stoned

Posted: Sunday, May 09, 2010 by Stained in Labels: , , ,

“Sometimes, I'm ashamed to call myself a human being” - @chromasia

This is what David Nightingale tweeted along with this news article and I’ve got to agree. Honestly it would have made complete sense to stone those three men to death who had raped the girl but stoning the girl. How does that even make any sense? How does rape equate into adultery?

Obviously those three men were part of the al-Shabab militia which essentially means that the rebel government would punish the girl instead. The people who are part of the militia should be brought to justice (as Bush used to say). Unfortunately nothing is being down to disarm/destroy this rebel government by the world powers. They’re too busy with more strategically placed countries. Sad...

Regarding the article, I don't understand why did they have to use the world Islamist. What does religion have to do with any kind of political or military organization? I assume yet another shot at Islamophobia and the opportunity to get more clicks/views.


  1. PD says:

    This is ridiculous. I hate it when people use Islam to suit their own needs & wants without looking at what Sharia actually says. SubhanAllah!

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