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Mom was in the mood for pani puri, bhel puri etc so we all headed off to Al Qusais to the Shop n Save restaurant/cafeteria. Got there at around 7:45pm and I got busy ordering and getting the things from the cooks (it’s a self service place with outdoor seating). When I got around joining my family at the table, about 5 minutes later a lady approaches me and asks me if I was the same person she thought I was. Well she thought right and from that point, she started praising me and my photography. I have never been praised so much, ever!!!

Basically a month back, I was one of the photographers at the Emirates festival of literature 2010 and on the last day I noticed this little girl running around the area me and others used hang around. So I picked up my camera and snapped a few shots of the kid. I showed the parents the pictures....they like what they saw and asked if I could email the pictures to them. The father gave me his card and I sent them the pictures a week later.

Coming back to the praising, This lady was the mother of that kid and I hadn't recognized her but she recognized me. It has been a while that I’ve blushed so much. It was embarrassing but nice at the same time. My mom seems to be quite happy about it and I’m sure she’s going to talk about it for some time. I know I couldn’t be a doctor like my mother wanted one of her kids to be but at least through my photography, I made her feel proud for some time. Right now nothing can wipe the grin off my face.

On a different note…my niece fainted today. The doctor said that there was nothing wrong and might just be exhaustion but we’re worried. She’s just three and when she fainted she was out with my sisters family friends without my sister or her husband around so we are a little skeptical about what really happened before she fainted. Unfortunately my niece doesn’t remember what happened either so for now we'll just hope that it was exhaustion and that it won't happen again. I know for a fact that my sister is going to get it from my parents one of these over this. I just hope my parents don't worry too much about it seeing that they have their own health issues to deal with.


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