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Posted: Sunday, April 18, 2010 by Stained in Labels:

Since the time I did my first photography assignment all the way back in January 2008 i.e. 27 months back, I've earned AED32,176 which comes out to be about AED1,192 per month. Also in the past 30 months, on photography itself I've spent a whopping AED25,014 accumulating equipment and cost of repairs. In the end, my savings stand at a mere AED10,000 as some of my expenses have been paid by my sister.

I know I'm chasing a fools dream here and I've hit a dead end now. I've got 2 shoots that'll make me AED1,500 this month and maybe 18 more days to live in the UAE. A country that I've been born and brought up in. The place that I call home. I'm not regretting my decision to be a full time photographer. I'm proud of myself for trying. But what really annoys me is that one of the main reasons for my poor financial state is that I refused to shoot things that went against my parents and my own beliefs i.e. night club parties, pubs, alcohol, nudity etc.

Anyway I know not many people read this blog but if anyone out there can help me out i.e. get me some work or get me a visa, it'll be highly email address can be found in the About me page.

EDIT: A small series of pictures showcasing some of my work is up on this blog. You can click on Portfolio(on the top of the page) to view them.


  1. Anonymous says:

    i hope someone will hear you voice... I still advice you to find a full time job.. in finance or administration or

    customer service.. anything can get you decent monthly pay. you are young and you can switch careers easily.

    with the side cash you earn from photography you will be on the right path...

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