Had a bad day....

Posted: Saturday, April 10, 2010 by Stained in

Woke up at 9am so that I could wake mom up to go to the doctor. Should have stayed awake and taken her there but as I hadn't slept the previous night, I went back to sleep and woke up at 1:30pm. This kinda pissed my sister off as she wanted me to take mom to the doctor....

Had lunch at 2pm, edited some pictures that I had to deliver today which I can't cause I couldn't finish editing them. Then tried to convince Chikku or Nand to come along for a car shoot but both of them were busy.

So at 3:45pm I left home to take picture of a Type R for drivearabia for free. At clock tower, a guy on a bike pointed at my front right tire and told me that the tire looked flat so I parked near Dubai Islamic Bank and checked my tire. There was a screw in it which I assume was the reason the air was leaking. I drove to the closest petrol pump near Al Habtoor motors and got the puncture fixed for AED 25. I'm not too sure how long the fix will last cause this is my first puncture but I hope I don't have to change the tire due to it cause I can't afford to cause it costs a whopping AED1000 or more which is a lot especially since my earnings for this month has been zero

As I was leaving the petrol pump, I called Mash to inform him I was on my way. Being the absent minded messed up person I've been lately, I had forgotten my hands free at home so I was using the mobile without one while driving. Bad idea as there was a cop at Al Habtoor motors who saw me and noted my number down. It's going to cost me AED210 and 4 black points. Second fine with the new car. Just brilliant!!!

The shoot ended up being more of a video shoot than pictures that I'm not looking forward to edit cause it's going to kill my netbook. Back home now and I need to edit the pictures to deliver to the client tomorrow while I need to call another client for a shoot tomorrow that I'm not even sure is going to happen or not. It's a portrait shoot for two ladies who want a proper portfolio and their kids and they want me to be creative i.e. tell them how to pose. I suck at doing that and I don't know what I'm going to do. Have asked SJ to help me out, was supposed to discuss it with her but she seems a little busy so haven't gotten around speaking to her. I'm not looking forward to the shoot. It's going to be a disaster.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I miss dira so much... I used to wash my car everyweek in that petrol station next to habtoor. I really miss Dubai.

    are you doing all those photo-shooting for free? i hope not... man you are talented and you have a good portfolio... I was earning around 1000+ for every shoot for weddings and corporate and i dont have a portfolio as good as yours... I am a portrait photographer so I am not into HDR or landscapes or Cars

    dont underestimate your talents... i found the high you ask for your services the more clients will take you serious :)

    good luck

  1. Stained says:

    I'm not doing all the photo shoots for free. Just the DriveArabia ones. I unfortunately don't know the right type of clients to get AED1000+ per shoot. I'm still around the AED600 mark for 2-3hours.
    I know do underestimate myself but I when I do try to charge higher, the less work I get... :|
    Anyway Thanks... :)

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