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Dettol nowadays has various products like mold removers, mop cleaners, hand wash, wipes, air aerosols, soaps, hand foam, creams etc. I’m sure about 5-10 years back, they still had these products but I wouldn’t know that cause then Dettol meant just one thing ‘Antiseptic Liquid Disinfectant’.

Being a hyper active kid who loved outdoor sports, I had a very interesting relationship with the Dettol antiseptic bottle at home. I used to see it at least a few times a week with me cringing at the thought of it every single time. It used to burn a lot and I hated it. The countless number of times I’ve tried to fight my mom off from using the Dettol soaked cotton on a wound still makes me laugh.

As I grew older, the number of times I hurt myself should technically reduce being more careful and responsible but that didn’t really happen with me. I never really worried about hurting myself especially during my Parkour days. During my college years, I used to carry band-aids with me all the time while having at least one on a finger most of the time. Having cats at home didn’t help either. If the cat was having a bad day or was in a hyper mood (which is most of the time), getting scratched was well normal. But now I don’t mind using it. The burning sensation doesn’t bother me and I tend to use it more than required i.e. even on the smallest of scratches.

Its funny how as kids we are scared of or worried about things that seem insignificant to us adults (yes I’m calling myself an adult even though I don’t act like one).

Anyway talking about adult worries seems like the only visa options now left is the freelancer visa or fud. The later is the cheaper and more convenient option but I haven’t spoken to fud for over 3 weeks so not sure if I really want to ask her. Honestly, I’d prefer moving to India over asking her but then I suppose that’s my ego talking. Hmm….


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