Dead Cat....

Posted: Thursday, April 08, 2010 by Stained in

Last night, I went out for dinner with my family. While leaving home, mom spotted a white kitten possibly 1 week old stumbling around near the road. So she picked it up and left it in our parking near a wall. As my mom walked away, the kitten would follow her. It even tried to cuddle into her. It was adorable. I gave it some food and we left. Throughout the time we were out, my mom couldn't stop talking about it. I was certain she wanted to make it a part of our family. When we got home we couldn't spot it so we hoped it was found by its mother and was fine.

Today morning, my sister spotted a kitten and wasn't sure if it was the same one. Gave it food and told me to check on it later. It was the same one cause the description matched. I didn't check on it later cause I was being lazy and a little annoying. Basically I've been feeding about 6-7 cats daily for almost 6 months so I tend to take their existence for granted. I was out in the evening today with some friends and on getting back home, mom informed me that my sister spotted the kitten in our parking. It was dead, crushed by a car with blood splattered around. If I had gone to check on it, it would have been right now at home being taken care of and not dead. I can't feel anything right now....I'm empty. I hope I can sleep tonight. Honestly I wish CC was here, she knows how I'm feeling right now and she'd take care of me...


  1. Anonymous says:

    You can't take care of everyone or everything... and you honestly can't say that if you'd gone out at that time, the kitten would be alive. You just don't know that. It could've happened before you went to check on it. I'm sorry this happened and you're feeling this way. I hope you managed to sleep.

  1. Stained says:

    Maybe you're right. But at least I should have tried. It would have honestly made me feel a little better about myself. And I know I can't take care of everyone and everything, but the fact that I try doing that is satisfying in its own wonderful way. Hopefully I should be able to sleep tonight....

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