Posted: Monday, April 26, 2010 by Stained in Labels: , ,

So according to the blood test, I have a high hemoglobin count while the urine test showed that I have an infection. The doctor asked me to check if it still hurts in the morning and asked me to call him. If I was still in a lot of pain, he'd make preparations for surgery.

Anyway woke up today to some pain but I'm not keen on having any surgery done especially when the doctor seems a little too keen on opening me up. Plus the pain isn't as much as before and I have a feeling it's just a muscle strain leading to internal swelling as I had dived a few times on hard ground during cricket and had landed on my right side on all the occasions.

I just hope what I'm assuming is right. Also I hope the pain I feel is infact less and has nothing to do with my high resistence to physical pain.

I know I should get around getting a second opinion but I don't have any insurance and I'm not really keen on being a bigger financial burden on my parents...the trip to the doctor yesterday already cost them AED1000.


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