11th April 2010

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An average day with a bad end from the looks of it.

Was editing the Type-R video in the morning that took ages to render and it looks like crap. Need to re-edit it and that's going to take ages as my netbook is slooooow. At around 2pm, went all the way to KV to deliver pictures to a client for the third time. Drove to festival city where I met with SJ at 3:30pm as I wanted to discuss what I wanted to do for the portrait shoot.

So the client for the portrait shoot was supposed to come at 4pm...they ended up coming at 5:10pm which left us with very little sunlight to work with. On the plus side, at least had SJ for company while I waited for them to come. Shoot went on till 8:15pm, had to use off camera flash which almost ended up being a disaster cause my flashes refused to go off most of the time. I am glad I got SJ to come along with me cause she helped me a lot. Will someday return the favour...

Anyway got back at 8:45pm, had dinner and started checking my email, facebook, twitter etc. Had a message on facebook from the guy who's my current sponsor. Basically he has to cancel my visa in the next two weeks that leaves me with a maximum of 1 month and currently I don't have an alternative option apart from the freelancer visa which costs a whopping 20K. A few months back, the thought of going back to India would have freaked me out but lately it doesn't seem to be such a bad idea. New environment, possibility of making new memories and in general a wide variety of photo opportunities makes it look like a good idea. Hmm...should discuss this with my parents. Anyway I'm all tensed up regarding the situation, lets see how things work out....


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